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Skin lightening: treatment, procedure, side-effects and more

Fair and spotless skin is a fantasy cherished by all women around the world since time immemorial. Years ago, our ancestors resorted to a number of homemade unique ingredients to get glowing,soft, and fair skin. A lot has been said about the seductive beauty of Cleopatra who also used various natural products as part of her beauty regimen. Nowadays in the middle of hustle-bustle, females all over the world are facing issues when it comes to keeping up their beauty regimen. They neither have the time nor the patience to put together the exotic organic masks and wait around for days before obtaining the desired results.
That is when the scientific world walked in to make life simpler for women and voila! A fairness wonder occurred in the form of laser treatment!

What is laser skin whitening?
Laser skin lightening (or resurfacing) is a medical procedure wherein focused beams of short pulsed light are put upon the focused areas of skin to take out unwanted, uneven, and damaged skin. The method encourages the new growth of fresh skin cells which eventually results in lighter skin tones. The process requires anywhere between half an hour and 2 hours.
This technique is commonly used to treat skin problems such as facial lines, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation problems like uneven skin tones (because of overproduction of melanin), melasma, chloasma, liver spots and age spots as well as the discoloration issues.

The advantages of laser skin whitening:
• Faster results
There are many whitening solutions available in the market. Although most skin lightening solutions take many weeks to show effective outcomes, the laser resurfacing provides quicker results and changes to the skin are evident immediately. Right after laser treatments, your skin looks radiant, softer, and brighter and also improves gradually since it will take over 3 to 6 months to heal. This stands true in terms of ablative laser treatments where you require just one to two sittings to eliminate the damaged skin as well as improve the appearance of your skin. For non-ablative laser treatments, the period taken could be a bit longer considering that it takes one to six sessions for desired results
• Most beneficial method
Among all the skin whitening items that can be found in the market, laser resurfacing technology happens to be proven to be the most effective method to obtain glowing and younger looking skin. Additionally, laser treatments work well on some skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, eliminating acne scars, repairing damage from the sun, and lessens the appearance of signs of aging and dark spots.

• Professional treatment method
Furthermore, laser treatments are under a lot of professional monitoring. Individuals are managed by professionals during as well as after skin treatment. The impacts are constantly monitored and, in case of any kind of complications, skilled doctors are called in to help out with the issues.
The disadvantages of laser skin whitening:
Although modern laser technology has shown to give good results in terms of improving skin appearance by assisting in the reduction of skin blemishes and dark spots, there are potential side effects. The most common laser skin brightening negative effects are:
• Prolonged inflammation and redness of the handled area
• Skin scarring
• Skin blistering
• Cold sore reactivation
• Skin scabbing
• Changes in skin pigmentation
• Tightness as well as the discomfort of the handled area
• Turning of the eyelid after intense treatment
• Photosensitivity
• Acne growth because of skin breakouts
• Other types of infections
The laser treatments function by disrupting the cell structure under the skin's surface. This indicates there exists a probability that the treatment may damage the cells that generate melanin. Damage to the cells generating melanin could either result in increased melanin production that darkens the skin (hyperpigmentation) or, reduced melanin production that lightens the skin (hypopigmentation) in a handful of rare cases.

How much will laser skin lightening cost?
The laser skin resurfacing costs required for treatment can vary based on the area of skin where the treatment is to be focused and the kind of laser used. However, it is certainly one of the costliest skin whitening treatments. In some cases, numerous sessions may be required for the best results. Cost is packaged according to the size of the area of treatment; arms and legs, underarms, facial and whole body.
To have a better knowledge of the amount of money you might pay for the treatment let’s take a look at the cost in different regions.

Laser Resurfacing cost in the US:
According to the Society of Plastic Surgeons Society of America Statistics (ASPS 2017), $ 2, 124 is the approximate expenditure of laser resurfacing of skin for an ablative treatment. Alternatively, $ 1, 114 is the approximate cost for the non-ablative procedures. Typically, treatments do range between $600 and $3500.
A single small procedure will cost you around $200 however the costs rise because 3 - 5 or more revisits are generally required. Evaluating from information on various laser facility websites, getting a laser treatment by a surgeon might be slightly expensive than consulting a dermatologist.
Laser Skin Resurfacing Expense in India:
Traditionally, the majority of practitioners of these treatments did not actually, disclose their fees until one went for a consultation. In spite of this with increased internet promotion and online presence, it’s possible for you to get a summary of the costs related to the procedures.
A consultation will cost you between $15 and $30. In general, treatment costs $15 and $575 based on the kind of laser used and the circumference of the treatment region. Mumbai ranks the highest with the procedure costing from $170 to beyond $1000. The survey took into consideration various clinics and hospitals in ten cities. In New Delhi expect to shell out $580 for the treatment and as much as $360 in Bangalore and Chennai.
Preparing for the treatment:
To make sure that your skin is prepared for treatment, the surgeon or dermatologist will start you off on a pre-treatment regimen. It is generally done six weeks beforehand. Typically, you will be expected to use a selection of skin care products that are meant to nourish your skin. They are products custom-made to fit your skin type, hence minimize possible complications and obtain the best out of your laser whitening.
Topical creams will be prescribed by doctors to help in unclogging pores and boost collagen production in the skin. Additionally, they speed up the rate of cell turnover for a better epidermal and dermal layer. These kinds of creams, when used as per guidance will result in skin improvement within 4 weeks.
Smoking must be stopped a minimum of 2 weeks before the treatment. The reason being it dries out the skin that may cause less than ideal treatment outcomes. A dry skin heals slower which raises the chance of post-treatment infection. Having said that, it’s also wise to not smoke for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.
Blood-thinning medication needs to be stopped six weeks before the treatment. These medicines prevent blood from clotting which could delay the healing process. Such consist of anticoagulants like heparin, rivaroxaban, and apixaban. Others such as aspirin and tirofiban are antiplatelet agents; which inhibit platelets aggregation. A few of the drugs may additionally interact negatively with post-treatment medication.
You will probably be advised to reduce or stop consuming alcohol six weeks before the treatment. Sun exposure must be, minimum to lessen the skin’s photosensitivity to the lasers. Prophylactic antivirals and antibiotics will also be suggested in case you have a record of cold sores or herpes.
Pro Tip: Preoperative measures are just as important as the process itself, therefore, you must go to a well-known laser clinic. A lot of treatments that go wrong are due to rushed procedures on un-ready skin.

Recovery after laser skin whitening:
After laser treatment, the skin may respond in several ways. The majority get a slight tingling sensation, like sunburns, after the treatment. The skin might also display signs of redness and swelling after the process. Itchiness or stinging is also common for the first few days. In the case of blondes and redheads, the redness has a tendency to last longer.
If you happen to be going for a laser treatment, then you need to be prepared to experience a long recovery time and speak with your surgeon with regard to the same. The amount of time will differ depending on the kind of treatment. Simple treatments only need a day or two to settle down. However, if you decide to go for a full facial treatment, it requires having a dressing put on on the targeted skin area which has to be kept for 7-21 days.
Additionally, aggressive treatments will lead the skin to become raw. Blisters may appear, and at times you might notice a yellow liquid oozing out from the focused areas and developing a crust. Never attempt to pick at the crusts since you may end up with deep scarring. Give it enough time (5 days to a week), and you will notice the crust peeling off and fresh rejuvenating skin developing in the treated areas. The skin will additionally lighten over a period. You may experience a little extra sensitivity to light immediately after the treatment. It is strongly recommended that you apply sunscreen daily and minimize sun exposure.

Alternatives to laser resurfacing:
Laser skin resurfacing could possibly be scary or is probably not everyone's cup of tea. It can also be prohibitive because of the high cost and unavailability of qualified professionals. Good news is that there are alternative procedures that will remove the outermost skin surface and accelerate the growth of newer and healthier skin. These procedures include:
Dermabrasion: A skin exfoliation process that makes use of a rotating surgical device.
Microdermabrasion: The method involves the utilization of tiny abrasive elements or diamond tipped devices to exfoliate skin.
Chemical peels: Use of acid-based materials to ‘peel’ or get rid of the outermost skin layer for a lighter skin tone.

Indeed, laser skin whitening treatment is an extremely effective and quicker way to obtain the radiant, fair, and young skin that you dream of. However, it is essential that you understand the risks before you decide to get down to the surgery. We suggest that you talk with your surgeon, have an understanding of the risks, and take all necessary precautions before jumping straight into it.

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