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An In Depth Guide Of Buying The Right Epilator For Yourself!

Hair removal is a matter of personal choice, however nowadays more and more people prefer using an epilator instead of shaving or waxing it off. The reason is that it is a onetime investment and a complete mess free procedure to remove your hair. You can try using them as well. However, if you have no idea regarding them, then you need the right guide to choose the perfect epilator. Not all epilators are the same, and you need to make a wise choice when you are out buying them. This guide is going to be your go-to article if you are out there, clueless about which epilator to buy for yourself. So take a look at some of those crucial points which will help you determine the exact product that you need to yourself.
Some Of The Features To Look Out For In An Epilator
1.     Keep An Eye For The Tweezers
The epilators which are presently a rage in the market cone along with rotating plates which are known to twee out the hair right from your roots. So if the number of tweezers in an epilator is more, then it will, in turn, take out a lot more unwanted hair, so it makes the hair removal process really quick. However, that can be a bit painful for some people. The epilators that you will buy for cheap rates will have around 20 of these tweezers, and the pricier ones will have 35- 400 of them. So based on your pain tolerance level, choose wisely.
2.     Wet As Well As Dry
Some of the epilators come with the advantage that you can use them when your skin is dry as well as when you are in the shower. It is preferred but any to use the epilators when the skin is wet because, during that time the pores are open to a wider extent; as a result, it becomes really easy to pull out the hair from the roots. However wet epilators can be a bit more expensive so you will need to shell out all that cash if you want to buy one that can be used on your wet skin. They also normally hurt lesser than the epilators which are used by people on their dry skin so if you have a low pain tolerance level make sure you go for the wet epilators.
3.     Corded Or Cordless Ones
If you opt for an epilator that is corded, then you will need to plug it somewhere in the house. And if it’s a wet epilator, then you will probably do it sitting in the bathroom which means you will need to plug in while you are wet in the bathroom. As you might already know bathrooms can be dangerous places for handling electrical devices and one wrong move can make you electrocuted. So if you are concerned about your own safety then never ever use a corded epilator in the bathroom on your wet skin. So cordless ones are a better option if safety is your first and foremost priority. Also, cordless epilators will also help you to reach the awkward angles without getting tied up in the wires. Corded ones will be a bit difficult to handle because you won’t be able to move your arm that freely.
4.     The Various Speed Settings
Make sure you opt for an epilator that has multiple speed settings. This will help you to set it at a low speed when you are just going through a region that you went before and high speed when you are cutting a lot of unwanted bushy hair for the first time. Everyone can choose their own preferences based on how much pain they can tolerate and how gentle they want the procedure to be. So this kind of epilators with customizable speed setting are the best ones and if you are looking to experiment as well as aiming for safety then make sure you get these from the store. They are not much expensive from the ones who cannot be set.
5.     Choose The Epilator Based On Head Width
Do you want your epilator to perform the action faster? If you want this kind of a device, then you need to buy the epilators which come along with a wider head. The main advantages of these wide headed epilators are that  epilators pros and cons of regions can be covered at one store so you will have to use less effort. This also ensures that the epilating process gets over quickly, so if you are the one who is always in a rush, then this is the best-suited device you can get for yourself. However, a large-headed epilator means that you are likely to feel more pain as a lot of hair will be pulled up from the roots simultaneously. If you cannot endure that much of a pain and want to wax on smaller narrow regions, then get an epilator with a narrow width. They are wonderful for reaching all the smallest of corners in your body.
So now you know how you can choose the right device for yourself with ease. So if you are standing in the shop reading this guide right now, makes sure you tally all the points one by one. Buy the epilator that matches all or the maximum number of points in this list. Every person has different requirements, so the perfect epilator for everyone is different. What is the best choice for your best friend might not be well suited according to your needs and skin type? So don’t be foolish and go around asking people for advice. Instead, take a look at this in-depth guide of choosing the right epilator for yourself, and you will never be wrong with the choice that you will make. They are a pricey investment so make sure you go through this before you choose to buy one for yourself.

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